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NEW FEATURES in VERSION 3.20 (May 2007)

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3.20: A Brilliant New Interface ...

◊ New icons and Workspace

Autograph: the UK’s top selling mathematics software has just become even better, with great improvements to the user interface, including:

New, high quality icons

Dockable Results Box,
Tabbed Workspace, ...

... and there is a redesigned and expanded
Help and Training system
... and more!

◊ New on-screen Keyboard
Autograph’s unique on-screen keyboard has also been further refined for interactive whiteboard use, with special versions for each language.

◊ Localisations
in 6 European Languages.

Autograph 3.20 runs seamlessly in:

DUTCH The Netherlands, Belgium
FRENCH France, Belgium, Canada
GERMAN Germany, Austria, Switzerland
SPANISH Spain, Latin America
PORTUGUESE Portugal, Brazil

Autograph is now compliant with all MS Windows
language systems, using the newly commissioned
Arial for Autograph Unicode’ font.

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3.20: SPARKLING NEW FEATURES, including ...

Autograph has continued to respond to user requests from all over the World.

◊ New angle object

Angle measurement, including reflex and obtuse, and right-angle marking

◊ Dotted lines style
now available for all line objects

◊ Hide/unhide
now available for all objects

◊ Dynamic text boxes
The text box now responds to
the selected object by optionally
displaying its information dynamically,
including values of constants

Text box style can be set to ‘default’
for easy replication

◊ Calculated points
Single calculated points
(eg max/min, mid-point, etc)
now act as individual points

◊ Add image
You can easily add an image as an
object from any standard graphics
file-type — fully editable, including transparency adjustment.
Fitting a graph is a dream!

◊ ... and 3D
Autograph’s ground-breaking
3D interface has a further improved visual interface

Upgrade now!
Download 3.20 30-day Trial
Click on any image to ENLARGE!


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