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Autograph v 3.3, August 2010

To load Autograph, double-click on the desktop icon, or follow...

Start => Programs => Autograph 3.3 => Autograph

Where you will see that you can also open the Autograph Resources application, and the Autograph Help File.




Opening Autograph
The opening choice is "Standard" (no radians, no calculus) or "Advanced"
The Autograph application can open three types of page:

1D Probability and Statistics
2D Graphing, vectors and transformations
3D Graphing, vectors and transformations

To check that the 3D pages open up, click on the 3D Graphing icon There could be an error message at this stage.
If the page opens, try entering an equation [press the "Enter" key] eg x – y – z = 1. then "OK".There could be an error message at this stage.

If you have any problems, take a look at the Word file: Cannot3D >>

To get started,
• Try running some of the Flash tutorials on the web site : VIEW HERE >>
• Browse through the extensive HELP file, either withi Autograph, or it canbe found in:
Start => Programs => Autograph 3.3 => Help.
You may need to click on the top bar in Internet Explorer, to "allow blocked content"
This launches the Help file in a regular Browser.

Click HERE for list of features that are NEW to V.3.3




The Autograph Buttons
> Click HERE to download a Word file showing all the Autograph Buttons.

You can copy and paste button images from this Word file as required.

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