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Teacher Reviews / Appraisals
Below you may read some of the comments/feedback we at Autograph have received from other teachers using our software.

If you wish you send us your own feedback, simply CONTACT US and let us know what you think! We think the appraisals speak for themselves.

  Teacher Comments...
"Autograph 3 has rekindled my enthusiasm for Mathematics" (Wales)
"Your network instructions were the most thorough I have ever seen" (Hull)
"v.3 is wonderful! I like the whiteboard and on-screen keyboard features" (Canada)
"v.3 looks so good. The polar graphing worked like a dream!" (USA)
"At last I can visualise lines, planes and vectors in 3D!" (Canada)
"The 3D plots are awesome! Can't wait to explore the rest of Autograph." (New Orleans)

"Our IT usage in maths has trebled since getting Autograph" (UK)

"The best demonstration teaching aid for mathematics" (UK)
"I used to have a wish list for a Graph Plotter" (Austria)
"Completely transforms how I teach mathematics" (South Africa)
"Using Autograph is perfect for whole class teaching" (Canada)
"Autograph is obviously written by a teacher" (Australia)
"At last - HISTOGRAMS drawn properly" (Singapore)
"At last - Differential Equations entered implicitly" (Hong Kong)
"So what DOESN'T it do?" (The Netherlands)
"Ar Fheabhas! (Ireland)
"Llongyfarchiadau: meddalwedd ardderchog!" (Wales)
"The best "swiss army knife" for maths teaching" (Norway)
"I have not stopped using Autograph since I was given it in July; I think that it is a brilliant teaching resource and my pupils have certainly benefited from my use of it . . ." (UK)

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